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Start the Demo

If you check out the demo it will start by showing you a glowing tile. Start by clicking this tile and then it will subsequently start highlighting different elements to click on, guiding you through the features that are the main part of the demo. Or, continue reading to read about everything offered!

Demo Options

The demo has a couple options that display the versatility of the software. You can toggle the fog of war on or off, simulating two different ways to set up a campaign. You can also increase the map size, allowing for bigger gaming groups. Finally, there is a button to advance the turn. Normally this would happen on the server at a scheduled time, but for the purposed of the demo you get to control it!

Viewing Tiles

Clicking on a tile will bring up information about that tile. If a town, castle, or army is located on the tile it will display information about that resource. Ultimately I think it would be cool for armies to have an attached list, and settlements to be able to build buildings and become more complicated. It will also display how much gold a tile will generate for the owner.

Moving an Army

If you select the tile that an army is situated at, you will have the opportunity to move that army during the movement phase. Right now, armies may move one space in any direction. If an army moves into an enemy army, it will initiate a battle. After submitting moves, you must end the movement phase using the "Move Orders In" button.

Fighting Battles

If your army moves into an enemy, it will initiate a battle. Select a battle shield to view information about the battle, such as the armies and respective point values. Battles can then be fought by playing your favorite miniature wargame and reporting the result to Warscribe. After you have reported the result of each battle, make sure to end the battle phase using the "Battles Reported" button.


Finally, there is the administration phase. You can view total gold and the amount of gold you will earn at the end of the turn. Selecting a castle tile will also let you build an army at that tile. You can name the army and assign a points value, which is a 1:1 ratio with the amount of gold you will spend. In the future I would like this phase to include all kinds of interesting actions such as building buildings, running sabotage missions, and more!

That’s it for now! I hope to add some more features before I launch the Kickstarter, but in the meantime you can: