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Community Designed

Why run a Kickstarter? Because I don't want to be the one dictating what this game looks like. The miniature wargaming community is so engaged and supportive that I want to use the best ideas from everyone to create a truly amazing experience. Therefore the main reward for this Kickstarter will be the opportunity to help design the game with your peers. I will be sending out frequent surveys to gather feedback about the features that you want within the game. As soon as the most bare workable alpha version is ready you will be able to play and test it. And throughout the entire development cycle you will have the opportunity to test the new features and give feedback running an unlimited number of campaigns.

What are the Features?

Well as I mention above that's up to the backers. But I've been thinking about this for a while, and here is a small subset of some of the features I think would be cool:

Interested in hearing more? Want to give your feedback and participate in the discussion? The best way to do that is join the facebook group. You can also get in touch through the contact page.